Among PR companies, we are specialists in all things natural, eco-friendly and organic. Our focus is to raise awareness of more holistic options for our way of living so our clients, their consumers and others have a sustainable, environmentally stable world we can all live in tomorrow.

The landscape of media is rapidly changing and continually evolving. It is now no longer enough to promote and build a brand through advertising alone by telling consumers to buy a certain product. Instead, businesses must be nimble and innovative, employing PR, social media and advertising to generate real-time en-gagement and exciting conversations that build communities and allow brands and products to stand-out and succeed in today’s highly competitive, fast-paced, multi-channel environment.

We can assist in providing strategic recommendations and a PR plan to successfully deliver a campaign, launch or ongoing strategy and execution that will evolve the brand conversation and assist in influencing and shaping opinions. The result? Increased exposure and an increase in sales.

We work with sound ethics and believe in acting responsibly and operating honestly with both clients and media alike. Whilst we cannot accept full responsibility for the products we represent, we do aim to work with brands that also follow responsible and ethical principles.

Our office is based in Auckland and we work effectively with clients from all over New Zealand and internationally. We possess strong relationships with both local and regional media that ensure the brands we represent gain maximum exposure. That’s why we are a vital tool for our clients’ businesses – one they can’t afford not to have.

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